Our Services

Our services

Please note that the following list is by no means exhaustive of all the services that Autogru Valdelsa is able to offer. Therefore, if the kind of operation you require does not appear in the list below, feel free to contact us for any inquiry: we will make sure to find the solution that best suits your needs.


● Aerial work platforms with or without operator
● Truck-mounted aerial platforms that also allow for negative work, with operator
● Spider platform with operator
● Truck-mounted cranes
● Trucks with or without rear-mounted crane
● multi-trailer lorries with rear-mounted cranes
● Semi-trailers
● Forklifts

Industrial Transportation

Transport and handling of construction cranes and self-erecting cranes on behalf of third parties, inclusive of loading, unloading, assistance, assembly, disassembly, positioning and handling on the construction site
● Loading, transport, unloading and positioning of industrial machinery
● Turnkey industrial removals

Sale and Positioning

Sale, transport and positioning of used reservoirs and cement tanks for rainwater collection ● Sale and placement of bird deterrents.

Transport to wineries

Ordinary or oversize hauling of stainless steel wine tanks and oenological containers in fiberglass, concrete, or steel, inclusive of loading, unloading and positioning at the winery.

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Oversize Transports

A load is considered exceptional whenever it exceeds either weight or size limits (width 2.55m, length 12.00m per single vehicle, height 4.00m). Our vehicles cover up to 3m in width and 4.30 in height, which can be increased according to needs.


We offer turnkey solutions for the lifting of goods, machinery and industrial vehicles of any weight and size.


Our fleet allows us to deal with both ordinary and exceptional transport of industrial vehicles with the utmost reliability.


Gapo, hydraulic lifters, air lifting cushions, transport trolleys, hydraulic jacks, electrical generators, tirfors, winches.


Our mobile cranes, semi-trailer trucks, articulated lorries and multi-trailer trucks with rear crane are available for rent, with advantageous packages both for the bare hire and operated equipment rentals.

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